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Dive bar on the East Side, where you at? 🍻
Sometimes I wake up screaming in the middle of the night. “MOVE, Theodore!” He loves to hog the middle of the bed. This Sunday we  will be fundraising for little Lionel 🐶— currently a @snipsatx rescue pup recovering from parvo 🤒, and on his way to hogging someone else’s bed. SNIPSA is the rescue group we adopted our precious-angel-baby @theodores_thoughts 🐶 from. Come and see us Sunday at @texasfarmersmarket at Mueller 👩🏻‍🌾, 10 am-2pm +  bring your family and friends, + purchase a cookie 🍪. Proceeds are going directly to @snipsatx. ❣️
I keep fallin’ for ya, Austin 🍁🍂🍃
Holy cow, this burger is the 💣
Omg!!! Trash Fries from @holyrolleratx and I swear Thanksgiving came early y’all 🦃
✨SOLD✨OUT✨AGAIN✨Thank you so much my sweet friends! 💕Next Sunday we will be doing some important work: fundraising for @snipsatx 🐶. They are the rescue group we adopted our @theodores_thoughts from, and right now they are treating a precious puppy named Lionel, who is recovering from Parvo. If you're looking to adopt, I'm happy to talk with you about @snipsatx- DM me! 🙋🏻
Another great #HopsForHope event in the books! 🍻@hopeoutdoorgallery just announced they will be moving to a new space in June at Carson Creek Ranch! Not only will there be space for artists to paint but HOPE will host art classes for kids and adults! 🎨 What are your thoughts on the new space?
@unitdpizzeria now serves weekend lunch and it’s fantastic — whole new menu too... ask for an egg on top of your pizza because duh!! 🍕🥚🍕🍕❤️
Hello and Happy Sunday ☀️, my sweet friends! We are here and all set up at the farmers market 👩🏻‍🌾, we will be here until 2 today! And we also have some nice *packages* of cookies 🍪, handy for the holiday week ahead! 😘
Release the Kraken 🐉 Spotted @wallercreekconservancy #CreekShow 🎨 by: @ha_architecture (Fōtän FABLE)
It’s Saturday - charcuter-me up!!! Or any day of the week for that matter.
Thankful for hometown friends who come visit me in ATX @cathyrudisill @mc_bigelow 😘
Juan’s Breakfast Tacos @snoozeameatery are easily one of my favorite breakfast 🌮 in Austin! The hashbrowns make all the difference. Pro tip: add in more veggies for xtra flavor & of course @yellowbirdsauce 😋
🌿 Mooooo-dy Mornings 🌿
It’s National #TakeAHike Day! One of my favorites to hike is still Enchanted Rock outside of Fredericksburg. The view always leaves me speechless. 🌵 Where is your favorite place to hike?
A drifter’s doodles 🖌💞 Spotted at @drifterjackshostel on the UT Drag. 🎨 by: @sophie_roach 🎨 Find more murals #ontheblognow!
Y’all, there are some seriously good finds at the @texasfarmersmarket 👩🏻‍🌾 at Mueller on Sundays 📆. .
1) Green Hen Farms: our cookies are made with their farm fresh eggs 🐣 @greenhenfarm
2) Simpli Thai: they have the most delicious Thai cookie kits, the yellow curry is my fave, and this Sunday I am going to try a red curry kit! ❣️@simplithai .
3) Greater Goods coffee! ☕️ They are right next to me, and they actively support @austinpetsalive 🐶. You know that’s a win-win!! 🙌🏼 @gg_roasting .
4) Mother Culture: oh em geeeee. Oh, girl, their yogurt is luxurious and so smooth and heavenly. It’s better than Noosa, too! I’m not lying. 🎉@motherculturesa .
5) Curcuma: Y’all, their golden mylk paste makes me SO HAPPY! I use 2 tsps, blended with homemade almond milk and maple syrup and it’s the best treat ever. @eatcurcuma 🙋🏻
And friends, these are only the tents I l have made it to so far, since I camp out at my own tent. Tell me your other favorite tents I’ll have to check out this Sunday! #shoplocal #eatlocal
Looking for delicious, authentic tamales? @tamales_vital will become your fav spot! Each tamale is steamed  with banana leaves, different to some made with corn husks. I tried a smaller version of each tamale:The Greko, El Poncho and Cochinita Pibil. Needless to say, I finished every one😋
🍔 + 🥓 + 🍟 = @royaljellyatx
Austin 🇨🇱. Make up your mind. Is it summer☀️, is it winter❄️? Is it day or night🌙? Is it going to rain or not🌦? Wackadoo-weather-day 🤷🏻‍♀️. Regardless of the weather, does anyone enjoy @easytigeratx’s bread 🥐nearly enough? I thinks not.
Hops for Hope 2017 aka the biggest mural art show in Austin is happening this Saturday & Sunday from 3-9pm @fairmarketatx 🎨 Check out artwork from the hottest graffiti artists in ATX & enjoy samples from 20 breweries🍻Food trucks will be outside in case you get hungry. Here’s the coolest part- this event is donation based ($15 min.) and all proceeds go to @hopecampaign projects! Grab tix today (Link in bio) 👩🏼‍🎨