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The final trick in Howie’s bag is tempo and pacing shifts; too often bands will write long songs just like short ones, but with more riffs. Streaming and Download help. Somehow the only heavy metal album in my playlist full of black, death and post-metal. Surely that is no crime? I have devoured many in his name, and will continue to devour many more long after you are dead and gone.

briton rites for mircalla

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I ritee but a simple widow, who was mourning her husband down in the crypt. This takes Sabbathian doom to a whole new level; although Bentley is far from the first to use occult themes, he does it in such a convincing way that it’s hard not to credit him with perfect Sabbath’s original art.

Briton Rites – For Mircalla – Reviews – Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal Archives

Just the perfect doom voice for the perfect doom song. So not only do you get to feel good buying this for supporting the underground, but you get a killer fucking album as well. Best viewed without Internet Explorer, in x resolution or higher. This natural rties was more beautiful by far than her artifice.

Phil Swanson of Hour of 13 fame and a ton of other bands provides solid, clear vocals that occasionally sound truly sad. His compulsion had been strong within her.

Relisten: Briton Rites – For Mircalla Review

For Mircalla is fkr breathtakingly strong debut from an already formidable band in the world of doom metal. Faggy Twilight types need not apply, we’ve got lesbian vampires from instead.


briton rites for mircalla

I love that this band pays homage to classic fantasy by Michael Moorcock, Robert E. The album cover paints a clear picture of what you are in store for — a fascination with the occult, dark imagery, and all things classic horror. The Exorcism of Tanith I mean the real stuff. Although they don’t really introduce any new forms, they enrich the prevailing British style while simultaneously revitalizing and codifying it.

EmpyrealMay 19th, Night-sight might be the least ostentatious of a vampire’s dark gifts, but it could also be one of the most dangerous, when traps and surprise were essential to their defeat, as they so often were. Each of these tracks are absolute riff-monsters, riffs that Tony Iommi would sell his left nut for.

On the last song of the album, Karnstein Castle, he handles the vocal duties, and he sounds goddamned perfecta low, rich baritone of a voice that is just made for doom.

Briton Rites – For Mircalla – Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal Archives

I felt a twinge of pity that one so young had fallen, but this did not weaken my resolve. Why do we need growls or three guitarists or a twenty piece orchestra in the background? I think it would have been cool if Bentley and Swanson had traded off vocals on a song or two, because Rjtes like them both.


Satan’s Hallow by Satan’s Hallow. If you like Briton Rites, you may also like:. Unfortunately that just doesn’t work.

Bentley takes center stage on this album with humongous riffs as well as soaring leads. Atmospheric Black Metal Cat. So much the better. Each song on For Mircalla however goes through numerous sections of various speeds, building and releasing tension as they go in a masterful fashion.

briton rites for mircalla

Not a single decent vocal melody. Somehow the only heavy metal album in my playlist full of black, death and post-metal. Thanks to gor Howie Bentley’s characteristic dedication to his subject matter, the album is simply drenched in occult and gothic atmosphere. I also gotta take issue at his lyrics; good subjects but poor execution in Camilla and a Meeting in the Woods, anywayonly Summoning can get away with shoehorning a story straight into the lyrics.

A Meeting In the Woods Brandon Heavy as hell doom metal, straight from the moss-covered altar stones of long forgotten ritual grounds. The vocals from Swanson are his usual very limited, warbly doom bleating, but they are entertaining, and they fit the sound to a tee.