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Hotkeys are also available, and they can be reassigned. Highlight items with the selected attribute Gerber X2. GerbView supports metric and imperial coordinates, and it allows users to add headers and footers, copy the selected region to the Clipboard, and then paste it into another Windows application. Details about drill file format can be found at the Excellon format description. If you notice such a problem, please notify the KiCad developers so that it can be fixed in a future release. Features include downloading any footage that you need and remote access to the live stream of CCTV cameras. You may print scaled or in real size.


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Several polygons were not filled correctly in imported PDF file.


Markups will be stored in a separate file. DXF exporter did support only up to 64 characters in a layer name.

GerbView | KiCad Docs

When Gerber files have negative items drawn in blackartifacts may be visible on already-drawn layers. The Layers Manager controls and displays visibility of all layers. Measure distances, areas and perimeters, with our without snapping to pads and tracks. As a result, we probably don’t spend as much time analysing our log files as You may print scaled or in real size.


Not only does the program help you open and check out the content of your documents, but it also provides some editing tools, gerbvifw as arrows, lines, images, ellipses and polygons. Export to Pcbnew is a limited capability to export Gerber files into Pcbnew. Display modes GerbView has three display modes which are useful for different situations or requirements. However, the active layer is drawn last. User defined header and footer for printing.

GerbView 7.00 Details

Invoked byeach file is drawn in the order files are loaded. This mode is selected by. Commands in menu bar File menu. A click of the left mouse button places the items.

No more waiting for photoplots or your prototype circuit board, to see your grrbview design.


In GerbView you work with a workspace that can contain one or more files of the supported file formats. You can use the measure and query tools to check apertures, tools, pens, distances and areas.

Display info about active layer. Markup burn-in feature for converting markup elements to Gerber data. Layer occlusion In raw or stacked mode, the active layer will be on top of other layers and hide items gerbvies it. Geebview your graphics card does not support the Accelerated toolset, you can still use the new features by selecting the Modern Fallback toolset.


Viewing log files through a text editor takes a lot of time and patience. Copy yerbview display region to clipboard, and paste into another Windows application. GerbView can load the following formats: Using the Modern Accelerated toolset is recommended if your graphics card supports it requires OpenGL 2.

Transparency mode Use to display in this mode, where no artifacts are present and layers are blended together with the active layer on top.

View, search and print email messages without Outlook. Again, the active layer is drawn last.

When using the legacy toolset, items may be selected by holding down the left mouse button and drawing a rectangle. Toggle polar gsrbview display.

Purchase Information Download Days Trial. Be sure items are inside the printable area. The Items tab allows you to control the color and display of the grid, D Codes, and negative objects.