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Bottomline, iSqFt helps us excel at what we do. The database of subcontractors available. More difficult to learn my way around but once I took the tutorials it was easy! I would say the con would be that the program requires more involvement and you need to be a little more tech savvy than other programs out there. Less than 6 months. One other thing I wish they would change was the home projects screen. Showing Most Helpful Showing 47 of 47 reviews.

isqft takeoff software

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This made your system very unreliable at best for monitoring sub responses. Pros I liked having this software while dealing with McDonald’s. I use to check info for some projects in the area, is very easy to use and provide all the information.

On Center Software has been a trusted provider of construction automation management solutions for the past 29 years. It definitely functions to what its supposed to do.

iSqFt Takeoff – Pricing & Cost (Sep ) | ITQlick

It’s easy to use. Customer Support often has their hands tied because the system “was designed to work that way. Less than 2 years.


Contact Details iSqFt https: Digital Takeoff never been easier Takeoffs never been easier. I then reached out to his boss and no response for her. It allows for expansion into new markets or locations and makes the transition much easier. We use this software to stay abrest of the construction projects in our area. This product has given us the opportunity to bid on multiple jobs.

The software is sotware user-friendly, and it’s easy to find information regarding projects. It’s ability to communicate between subcontractors is fantastic. Subcontractors like it the best so we went with it. Not sure if that was your intent but it is what has happened. We are fairly new at using takeoff software in general, but overall we found that isqft is basically easily to navigate.

Takeoff, Bid, and Win More Work

I would prefer if the application did not use Java. Construction Management Software Pricing Guide. Director of Business Development. Can’t think of anything that is wrong with this software.

isqft takeoff software

Isaft like the ability to find bid documents for projects. Unable to quickly chose subcontractors from your private directory and import them into your project without having to search for them. Transfer and share files easily. Our team can now do more with less, helping us quickly communicate with our subcontractors.


isqft takeoff software

Take a while to learn program. But now it is old, outdated and unreliable. But the software was hard to navigate, and training support was limited to generic online sessions.

I rate software based on the number of clicks it takes me to get something done and the last update has actually added more clicks. Web browser OS agnosticWindows 8. The design of the website is a little stark. Build Relationships and Get More ITBs Bidding on the most profitable jobs begins with finding the best projects for your construction business.

Then click the next spec section to expand the bidder’s list and click the bidder’s I want to invite.