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This is a list of TomcatDependency. Let’s create a new project. The artifactId can be thought of as the project name. Create an empty directory. To change your project to produce AMPs, edit the pom. With a single command it is possible to build and run an instance of your Alfresco project on an application server. These files will ultimately be placed in a JAR.

maven alfresco sdk

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A quick word about versions. Normally there wouldn’t be alfgesco extra dependencies, but could be if you run an Enterprise database such as Oracle, for which there’s no quick configuration, such as enableH2, enableMySQL, or enablePostgreSQL. Create an empty directory.

maven alfresco sdk

Your repository tier project will start on port while your Share tier project will start on port Test files in testFolder that should be included when running embedded Tomcat. When creating your own tests, remember that Unit Tests will not depend on any other services, including a running repository, whereas Integration Tests will run after the embedded Tomcat server starts up and deploys your modules. In summary, if you are intending to customize and run the complete Alfresco platform, select the All-in-One archetype, while if you just want to develop a single AMP, then choose the AMP archetype.

You should check this entire project, starting with the “maven-sdk-tutorial” directory, into source code control. If you go look in the target directory under “maven-sdk-tutorial-platform-jar” you’ll see a JAR file called “maven-sdk-tutorial-platform-jar Legacy to be compatible with maven.


Maven Alfresco SDK with Eclipse | Alfresco Documentation

Many organizations run CI Continuous Integration tools that depend on this being the case. It has Maven support, but it may be less obvious how to work with your Alfresco project, so let’s see how that works. Similarly, in the target alfrecso under “maven-sdk-tutorial-share-jar” you’ll see that the build also created a “Share tier” JAR called “maven-sdk-tutorial-share-jar The nice thing mavn using one of these tier-specific archetypes is that it is a smaller, more simplified project structure.

Further details about the plugin are in the public Alfresco GitHub repository. If you are on Windows, use run. You can use the 2. You haven’t edited anything. Going back up a level, take a look at “maven-sdk-tutorial-share-jar”. By the end, you’ll know:. You may not always need to start up the Alfresco server and leave it running. This property enables alcresco to continue to do that mavrn SDK 3 without having to completely override the Maven Tomcat plugin configuration, or not use it at all and go back the good old runner project again.

You can always change these values later if needed, so specify “Y” followed by enter. If you don’t want to run tests for some reason you can skip them, like this:.


It doesn’t really matter.

There are six available:. Instead, we want to choose “alfresco-allinone-archetype” so type 2 and hit enter. These files will ultimately be placed in a JAR.

Maven Alfresco SDK Quick Start | Alfresco Documentation

alffresco In older versions of the SDK, there used to be a “purge” profile that would do that for you, but it hasn’t made it back in yet. The Alfresco version by default will be the most recent version, but you can select another supported version if required. Enables the use of custom context path for the Share webapp. I’ll leave you to explore sek on your own. But the cool thing is this: Its Maven support seems to be more seamless than what is currently in Eclipse.

Getting started with Alfresco Content Services SDK 3

And you will see the “Welcome to Alfresco’ page. If thinking in Java terms the groupId would be the package name, typically using reverse domain name format.

maven alfresco sdk

This tutorial ssdk for people who have been handed a project that requires you to customize Alfresco in some way and you’re thinking, “Now what?