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Hence, there is price movement, and the MFI is larger for this bar than that for the previous bar. ProContra It seems that after publishing it started drawdown. My Trading 24 0. The training course for traders at Profitunity Trading Group is aimed exclusively at studying and disclosing the features of B. The international currency market quickly gained its popularity due to the possibility of active use of borrowed funds leverage by traders.

profitunity indicators

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Easy ways to trade with Profitunity – Trading Strategies – 3 March – Traders’ Blogs

At this point the icon of timeframe in trading panel starts to light up with red or green color indicating the market direction and which trading signals trader should pick to enter the markett. Past performance is not indicative of future results.

In his opinion, fundamental and technical analytics lack objectiveness. Self-knowledge and understanding are the keys to success in the stock market.

Profitunity Indicators – Forum

Friday, May 13, Glastonbury, CT Was thanked: To facilitate the undertanding of market direction the additional Fractal breakout level indicator will show trader previous breakdown of a fractal with a horizontal line.

Nicolas This is the Bill Williams’ Protitunity not fractals. To open a Buy order, you will need to wait for the following confirmations: Modified MT5 Alligator clearly shows the trend change.


profitunity indicators

Horizontal lines marked points in turn in the market. How to Make Profit with Stop Losses The international currency market quickly gained its popularity due to the possibility of active use of borrowed funds leverage by traders.

Bill Williams Profitunity

This type of bar is called a squat bar because the market appears to be squatting prior to a breakout. Alligator Long Breakout from Bill Williams alligator bill williams breakout. Volume increased, the trend has stalled and the price movement has stopped. Trading Strategies 55 0. Kris75 Hi, Seems great but what would be the code for a stock?

profitunity indicators

As you can see, none of the popular methods of using the Awesome Oscillator lead to the expected result. Thursday, May 12, 9: How to make money on scalping? What Ulted seeks is for payment. Profutunity attached here https: Many traders who trade on the forex exchange like to use a scalping strategy.

The opening of the order supposedly should be in the direction of the last three columns: The finished template will look something like this: Wrong timeframe selection Another common mistake of traders who tried to use Bill Williams indicators in trading is wrong timeframe selection. There are three parts to it, Jaw, Teeth, and Lips. I was looking for way to maximise profits and this serves it’s purpose well!


I have already uploaded a new File. If the fractal has formed below the blue line of Alligator and as a result there is a breakdown of this level, the market will go down. The main mistake of the authors of reviews and practicing traders is that the former superficially present the basic version of the vehicle, while the latter unsuccessfully try to use these recommendations in trading.

Reprint of the materials is available only with the indlcators of the editorial staff. The original version of the Profitunity strategy uses 4 analytical tools developed by the author of the system:.

This is the way to use this indicator. This method of applying the “magic” indicatkrs is also not related to the method of Bill Williams and was developed by unknown traders.