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And Hyesung, he can be relied on, when needed: Gary finds himself cornered by Jun Jin and Min-woo, who both lunge at him. Here are the rankings after everything: August 15th, Height: After being placed in their different jails, they were given a plate of dumplings. They wouldn’t even know what to do at all to win.

running man episode 161 indowebster

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The Black Pearl ships out towards the final mission. Some of you guys are really tough to please Entertainer, Comedian, Singer Birthdate: Haha won overall, and he was able to swap the positions between the members, except for the 2nd position.

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What should they do after taking off Eric’s shoe? Gary and Jae Suk unaffected.

running man episode 161 indowebster

A verification email has been sent to your new email address. Basically, this episode was all about reincarnation โ€” each member indowegster be reincarnated into another member.

Running Man: Episode ยป Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

You expect him to be sitting standing quietly on his own when they won? When they happily called out for the guests to appear, we see the guests โ€” 5 Santas literally 5 Santas. The rest no idea who they are but wow! Kim Jong Kook 5. Basically, there was a basket of eggs given to them, which had a mixture of boiled and raw eggs. This is the order of escape from the prison:. Never get bored, always makes me laughing to crying. Drama Recaps When the Camellia Blooms: Kookie’s expression during ‘arm-pumping’.


After the last stage, the rankings were determined based on how many gold coins each member received. Playboy โ€” Whenever female guests appear on the show, he will always want to get close with them, and claim that he loves them.

running man episode 161 indowebster

I was pretty impressed that only 5 of them were up against 6 RM members and they still won so many games. Does anybody know Kwang Soo another soundtrack? Big thanks to uploader. Seems like Fransisca already found it.

The water fight was epic, Eric really didn’t expend too much energy until it was time to jump up on the float to do his champion ‘We won!! After the tearing of the name tags, we proceed to the second battle round: Lee Kwang Soo 7. Does anyone know the music in episode Also, I wished they could have shown a small clip of the members staying overnight at the prison in the next episode, because it makes me wonder if they really stayed overnight at the prison except Yoo Jae Suk, because he won or they got released once the filming ended.


For this round, it was 1st VS 2nd, and 3rd VS 4th.

Yayyyyyy thank u so much for the links! Drama Recaps Arthdal Chronicles: They’re not called Kings of Variety Shows for nothing!

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I hope RM will invite them again! The starting positions were determined by how long it had been since the member debuted. Shinhwa really is the best, their teamwork is perfect, esp when Pass the Flag game.