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The mapping is installed on the SD card. You can re-enable the firewall later on. Perhaps there’s something up with the TomTom servers at the moment? Based upon previous history of map releases, I’d say we’re already a week or more late. If you have a valid map subsciption, you only have to connect your SD card to the R-Link Toolbox, the download should start automaticaly.

tomtom v905

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I have also made a second backup to make sure if I run into these things again I will be able to quickly recover. Kind of off topic Apparently the “LMG” lasts for 90 days from date of car purchase and you can update the maps as many times as necessary in those 90 days.

Map has been released including North America. Feb 11, Messages: If you have a valid map subsciption, you only tmotom to connect your Tomtoom card to the R-Link Toolbox, the download should start automaticaly. They said all devices outside North America will get maps within a week.


HTTP download also available at fast speeds.

tomtom v905

It then took ages to copy from my PC unto the SD card. Also, I was told I have 60 days to install the free map update. The version on my card was older but worked where the other one had trouble recognizing my device.

R-Link 1: Update the Map

Tomtok is a virtue, I guess Here is the link, which has the detailed information tomhom how to update it: TomTom Europe East I’ll be back if there are any problems. Please post as soon as they notify you. TomTom site mentions that maps for NA will be released the last week of March. There is a lot of books. If the LMG feature has not expired, you will be given an option to update to the latest map.

Problem With Map Tomtom Is there any other. Maps other than North America are being released.

R-Link 1: Update the Map – GPS R-Link

I still get the message that my map has not been updated in 20 weeks. Don’t remember a situation like this in the past six years. So after the LMG, does anyone know how much each update is going for? Sep 5, Messages: No, they aren’t normally this late but maps for Nav2 devices using Home are having a problem Theere is clearly something strange going on with TomTom and their map servers.


tomtom v905

Europe Central – TT mapy tomtom. That’s 3 to 4 weeks of additional delay for N. It was previously version What was you proof of date?

I’ll add I havent spent time with the Tom Tom Nav. The delay is due to some late road-constructions that need to be implemented before release.

tomtom v905

Sign In to comment. Delay was reported to be due to last-minute inclusion of completed major construction. The non North America maps should be released for all devices within a week.